Friday, December 26, 2008

An Open Vision

Why not have an open vision every day? With more Light present on earth at this time of change, greater good will be available to souls who care. There is nothing new in the area of truth because truth actually had no beginning. The fact is...more of us are awakening to something good that is beyond the physical senses. As we unfold, we have clearer vision and wider spheres of action. Let the spirit within be your only guide.

The work that needs to be done within is far greater than outside teachers and influences. Many people do not spiritually expand in their understanding and creative ability because they harbor lack of forgiveness for self and others. Perhaps, you will take the time to contemplate the fact that falsity of any form is connected with the outer self of the senses. Sin and falsity belong to accepting division and chaos.

It is said that sin forgiven is the end of sin but not the end of its results. We can change the results of suffering and turn them into good by lifting our own consciousness and then living with an attitude of respect and love for all life.
To experience love one must be ready and yes, obedient. Most people shrink from the idea of obedience. I am referring to the impulses that you receive from the eternal higher part of you, the eternal Self. Listen to it. Love it. Respect it and start living it in a grander way. A higher love is part of our true Nature. When we love fully without judgment or conditions, the inner Christ of us will display its amazing power and presence.

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