Monday, December 29, 2008

Soul Searching

Right now, during the holidays, it is a perfect time to do deep soul searching. I read another blogger's comments several days ago and was quite impressed. She used the word 'certain and 'divinity' in a statement that asked whether we felt we were certain of our divinity. This is a powerful question to ask yourself and would be very helpful if asked periodically throughout the day. At least, this is my opinion. When you delve deeply into this question of certainty, it brings up many other questions and issues.

Most people regardless of their spiritual leanings hope for a better year. Now, with the economy as it is, ongoing wars and many good people without a job, how can anyone hold onto today's catch phrase, "Yes, we can?" Hope is the salve but we still need to deliberately with perseverance take action. It reminds me of the time when I was fifteen years old and visited Southern California with my family. One day, we went to the Farmer's Market and was enticed to go over and get a palm reading by a woman sitting off by herself. She told me at that impressionable age that I was a very old and wise soul. At that time of life, I had no idea of what that actually meant. I never forgot how she looked at me and what she said. What I realized later in life was that the palm reader was not speaking to a fifteen year old girl but to my soul. She was alerting my soul to infinite possibilities that I may not have thought of if she had not been so blunt and seemingly impressed by the lines in my hands.

People and things happen to us during our life that serve as red flags, reminders of contrasts between a higher reality and the temporary drama that we are caught into in this moment. Yes, we can do anything that we dream of but our love and belief, trust and action must do something to make it so. What we can do right now at the end of another year is ask ourselves if we are certain about our divinity. Once you decide one way or another it is then up to you to decide what you are going to do about your certainty. I accepted that I was indeed a very old soul and took this to mean that I had a hidden reservoir of knowledge and direct experience to draw upon when needed. I also believe we are all old souls. It is just that some people don't think, care, bother and know with a certainty that there is a glorious inner ancient splendor waiting to surface brilliantly once again as wisdom and selfless love, our true identity.

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