Saturday, November 8, 2008

House Calls and Healing

Three choices are being offered in the area of healing:

1. Day time house calls within a reasonable distance
2. Absentee co-operative long distance healing sessions
3. Naperville morning appointments

What you really need is what you receive not what the ego desires but what the soul requires to be free.

Due to the sacredness of your session with the Sacred Light, the monetary exchange accepted is to be in the form of a love donation.

The sublime healing action is the universal love vibration of the Cosmic Mother, a power that is one with my Higher Self.

Your role is to surrender your ego personality to a higher Power. Once that is released, the interaction is between your soul and the Sacred.

The healing may take form in the soul, mind or body or in all three. The results are decided on the Causal Plane.

This is not a massage nor is it any structured technique. It is the Trinity Power in action. If you have limited or no knowledge of my consciousness, please read the messages in this blog, study the web site I also suggest you carefully read Be-Embracing the Mystery.

Call 630-357-1246 or 630-202-3818 for further details

May we all consciously live the divine life!

In happiness, hope and harmony,


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