Monday, November 10, 2008

The Philosopher's Stone

I have always been very impressed with the consciousness of the Bulgarian spiritual teacher Omraam Mikhael Ainvanhov. He was the kind of soul who instills in us a great love for life, courage and hope. Our souls have an ancient connection. Although he is no longer in the body, I have seen and felt his presence in his Diamond Body, the body of the Celestial Plane. His teachings began in 1938 and the subject matter found in his many books is timeless. He was adamant about change. Omraam taught that we must make universal brotherhood, universal harmony, our goal, and put all the means at our disposal, our qualities, faculties, talents, strength and energy, to work toward that end. I agree. This is how the problems of mankind may be resolved.

Omraam taught that each time you make use of light and heat, each time you act with wisdom and love, you form the philosopher's stone inside you, which transmutes all matter into gold. and that's when you become a true alchemist. So you do not have to look for the philosopher's stone anywhere other than inside yourself. There is no philosopher's stone more powerful than the spirit. The day you attain that state of consciousness where you feel your spirit, your higher Self, is an immortal, eternal principle, and indestructible entity travelling through space and penetrating every place, you will understand there is nothing more important than to use this power to work on matter. I am speaking of your own matter, to purify it, vivify it and enliven it.

The philosopher's stone is this spiritual quintessence which transform everything into gold, into light, in yourself first of all but also in all the creatures around you. When our focus is on radiant light, all the creatures around us benefit, all things increase and multiply. This is the sublime dimension of the philosopher's stone. If you have read my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, you will understand why I love Omraam and his amazing consciousness.

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