Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is the Planter?

Where do the ideas in your head come from? Through personal experience, I know that some of them are planted by friends on the other side. Of course, the entity could also be a mischief maker. This past week I had a very good friend who physically died in November put a thought in my mind to visit a store a half an hour away from my home. It didn't make sense because a new store of that same company is only 7 minutes away from where I live. Because I knew the thought was contrary to my own commonsense, I decided to check it out. I walked slowly up and down the aisles of the distant store knowing that there was a reason I must be there. After I checked out the few things purchased, I turned around and at the far register a woman was checking out who I had not seen in years. I also knew that she was the one who I was sent to see. It turned out that this woman was a long ago friend who had a close association with my friend who died last month. I waited for her to finish and went to her and shared the fact of our friend's departure. She had not known and was very grateful.

This is only one type of seed that is planted in thought by another influential energy. Our own higher Self will plant ideas in our physical brain that It would like to see manifest in our body, mind and intellect. The ideas will ripen and manifest if we will let them. Once we awaken to the idea that our own higher Self is fully capable of planting productive ideas in our brain, we are able to harvest the wisdom that is planted.

I am well aware that we sometimes have difficulty discerning if it is the human thinking and desiring or is it a higher source who has a grander view of what is good for us or what action needs to be taken. When you think about scripture, you will remember that God's Word is referred to as occuring in the beginning. All things were made by him. Wouldn't it benefit us to learn how God's Word translated is the word that comes frequently from our higher Self, which is an extension of the sacred energy into form?

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