Friday, December 12, 2008

The Divine Idea

If we really think about our thoughts, we realize that they become seeds. The seeds mature and eventually become symbols in matter. When we look at the process of manifestation in matter, everything began as an idea seed. This line of thinking indicates that all inanimate and animate life once was an idea in mind. Ideas are latent and remain unmanifest until we think or speak them into some form or another.

An idea created the invisible world of Light and subtle form. Another idea created the universe of matter. Another idea created nature and the kingdoms until you and I were manifested. Everything on earth could not have existed if it wasn't first an idea of an Absolute Intelligence that is impossible to describe. I believe that as we unfold like the thousand petalled lotus the ideas of the Supreme Spirit, God, will more grandly express through us.

Since humankind is not fully awakened mentally and spiritually, the idea remains only partially revealed. So, we could say that the Grand Idea of the One Power is now in the process of unfoldment in matter. The eventual goal is for us to be consciously aware of the complete idea behind creation. When we are fully aware, we can obviously be a ideal medium for perfection and beauty. The Light of God will shine through our flesh, our thoughts, words and actions. The Grand Idea of our Creator will eventually evolve through everything. This will occur when the ego-personality does not allow anything or anyone to hinder the process of the One Power and One Presence fully manifesting in matter. This is what I believe is the purpose of our be the Divine Love, Wisdom, Life and Perfection right now in form.

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