Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Start with a Good Idea

How do we get an idea to materialize? How do we attract, direct, shape and mold conditions, things, events and yes, ourselves? Change begins with a good idea. We need to really focus and think about the idea. Included in the focus is a strong desire. When we speak about the desire, it gives the idea a greater energy. The idea will eventually become a visible manifestation.

Look back in your mind about how you have already proven this line of creative process. Literally, everything we have thought deeply about manifests some point along the way. Now, imagine if you really believed that you are the Absolute One, God, The Great Spirit using a part of Itself in your body, mind and soul, there would be no doubt, limitation or fear. If this fact became your living truth, you could do about anything. The key is in allowing the inner voice, the true wisdom, to direct your thinking and your desires. Let the presence within who certainly knows more about you and your thinking conscious mind be in charge.

According to mysticism, it is not man who does the thinking. It is the higher Self, the spirit of man, who thinks through his organism. Well, you are probably puzzled because you know your thoughts are not always loving or lofty ones. Each one of us is a watered down version of the One Power and Presence. How we express ourselves is totally dependent on how much we are aware of the Real One Power and Presence and listen to its guidance. In other words, the individual must be awakened to a realization that there is a Selfless, Wise and Loving power who is the real Thinker within and not only the selfish ego who has troubles and is confused. Once we 'get it', we will deliberately develop a body and mind strong and clean and capable enough to express the higher Self perfectly. It is then that we magically create the desires of the heart.

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