Monday, December 8, 2008

Thinking and Creating

Who do you think is doing the thinking and creating? The mystics emphatically state that the lower nature, the human part of us, does not do the thinking. The ego doesn't because most human thinking is not in the correct sense of the word actually conscious thinking. Consciously thinking is the key. This is a contradiction to what is judged normal. Our thinking is referred to as unconscious thinking because the typical human is unaware of the presence of Absolute Intelligence, the Divine Energy within himself.

Scripture states that we are the image and likeness of God. Because the divine energy is our true identity, we actually already have all the faculties and power available for our use. The problem is our being oblivious to the fact that we are usually involved in error-thinking. How many humans actually understand that the mis-thinking or sense of separation from the One Power and Presence has drawn us away in consciousness from the reality of who we really are?

Mortal consciousness thinks and believes it is doing everything on its own. This is only an appearance. One of the purposes of the Divine within us is to fulfill the law of creating. A thing seems real to us, good or bad, because we are thinking or believing it is so. Other people may see a situation in an entirely different way.
How can we do real thinking? How can we bring about change and stop being fooled by appearances?

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