Friday, December 5, 2008

Focal Center of Consciousness

Many of us realize that the Divine Self, the real us, is our personal version,a watered down consciousness. It doesn't need to remain in a weakened state controlled by human misconceptions. We have also been told that each cell in our body has a consciousness and an intelligence of its own. We can only continue existing or working intelligently through the activity of this higher Intelligence. So, who is the directing intelligence whether it is done consciously or unconsciously?

Who is this Intelligence? Most of us take for granted the gloriously constructed physical body we call our own. As a human, we can respect and honor our body by feeding and caring for it with good choices. We cannot as humans consciously direct or control a single cell of our body unless we enter into the consciousness of the Immortal Spirit Identity who we eternally are and have forgotten. Disease and death exist because people have not connected to the higher Self to the degree where the lower and higher nature work together as a team.

Cell consciousness is common to every body in matter regardless of size or form. Within any body is a consciousness that is a builder and entirely Impersonal. Within the Impersonal is a consciousness, an intelligence and a will. It is this same directing Impersonal Consciousness, intelligence and will that exists in all life. Understanding this truth, we realize what oneness really means. The Impersonal Absolute Energy and the personal spirit energy that we refer to as our higher Self cannot be separated except through ignorant thought.

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