Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is Life?

Radiant Life is the energy which animates the body. It causes us to think, feel and act. It is the Spirit, the animating Cause of our being. This animating Cause is what creates and sustains all life regardless of form. Life is a threefold Force. It is given many names but to simplify the energy let us call it wisdom, love and power. The three are the manifestation of the Radiant Life in form. Everything that exists manifests and expresses some phase of the three aspects of Divine Life.

This Force is in the heart of everything, including nature. There is absolutely nothing that does not have the One Infinite Reality as part of it. Minds who profess they are separate from the Force are only fooling themselves. It is their personality denying true life. The human personality thrives on illusion. The Intelligence animating all living things in the universe is the Real us. Humans are caught up in the shadow world causing the True Self, the animating life force, to be watered down, thinned out.

Once we begin to remove from our mind all the human misconceptions, ideas and opinions, the True Life is given a chance to express freely. Finally, the mind and soul recognizes that it is meant to be a focal center of a Divine Consciousness, which is Light.

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