Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Only One Exists

God is the Father, the Mother, the Son, the Origin, the First Cause. People mistakenly believe that the extensions from the First Cause are separate. The devil has no separate existence apart from God although negative energy definitely has a separate intent and field of influence. That which we call evil, Satan or the devil is simply one aspect of unity. There is only One. Everything that appears good or not good are divisions or facets of the One, which contains them all.

This is the teaching that has always been given in the Temples and in the Mysteries. The number One contains all numbers (aspects-influences). The farther away a soul is from its Source,the Godhead, the more likely negative thoughts and actions will appear. The whole purpose of devolution is to return to the Center, the point of the Creatrix. It is the fallen consciousness of humans that have elevated the status of the negative energy referred to as evil, devil and Satan.

Too many souls link the devil with power. This occurs because they have broken away from their true spirit identity and the Cause behind creation. If people would work only with the One, division will be removed. When man's consciousness is divided, he is mutilated, destroyed and will disintegrate. Bottom-line is that he is constantly at war between the two....good and evil. It is time for souls to go beyond good and evil and rise above them both.

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