Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Philosophy of Unity

The early Initiates always spoke of unity. Dualism appeared on the scene much later, in the Persian religion of Manicheism, for instance, or in the Christian concept of Satan as the adversary of God. God has no adversaries. This is impossible. Humans can have adversaries if we remain spiritually ignorant, blocked and continually break Universal laws.

Today being Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on gratitude. You who desire to return to a state of mind and soul in unity can do so through love: love for the Absolute One, a love so strong and pure that the door of Grace opens wide and life flows in you. For this state of consciousness to be a constant, work on transforming yourselves.

The majority of humans have distanced themselves from the Godhead. They feel powerless and blocked from the Light similar to the curtains being closed. It is up to us in trust, joy and gratitude to open our curtains and allow the Light of truth, wisdom, beauty and love to fill us. No one else will draw back the curtains. It is up to us to do that. God does the impossible. Humans must draw back the curtains of ignorance, superstition, fear, limitation and doubt.

Do everything you can not to dwell on divisions. Understand that opposing forces exist in order to work together. Poisons or natural forces are only harmful for those who are too weak or too spiritually ignorant to know how to handle them. The important thing is to reach a state of mind where you sustain a reality that does not divide things up. Live each day asking for Grace and you will know firsthand the gratitude of the Christ Consciousness.

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