Friday, November 28, 2008

Exploring the Depths of Your Inner Abyss

The two principles of good and evil coexist in each human being. The heavenly enlightened ones know that before the last degrees of Initiation, we have to explore the depths of our inner abyss. There are wild beasts, so to speak hidden in the subconsciousness part of the mind. The tendencies are usually from a remote past. It is best to go down to that level siphon up just a few elements at a time. You go about this clearing through prayer, Harmony, bringing more radiant Light into your life and love.

When you become aware of negative influences that are attached to your mind and body, study them closely. You must be strong and anchored sufficiently or firmly in the Light to conquer forces that have controlled you in different degrees. Much of what is harmful to a human both within and without are influences from the astral world. Many people feel like they have been invaded. When you are unbalanced, the nervous system receives severe shocks. Help is available from the Angels and Archangels, the Initiates and Masters, and all the Patriarchs and Prophets and also from friends and relatives who vibrate in the subtle worlds of Light.

Archangel Michael is a perfect collective symbol who fights for the good. There are many Hindu gods such as Lord Murugan and Goddess Durga who work with us when we recognize and accept their presence and power. When we ally with our own higher Selves and bright celestial friends, we do much better than struggling alone. These glorious and heavenly beings work with the Light just as you need to do for enlightenment, harmony and liberation. Invite the forces on High which are light, love, purity and kindness to assist you in a thorough divine vacuum cleaning.

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