Monday, December 1, 2008

The True Bread of Life

The Bread of Life is You. It is the part that knows all things...your higher Self. It is the part of you that responds to truth, beauty, joy and Light. It is this part that is your real Teacher. The Divine Self will bring you clear messages regarding all the things you need for your physical, mental and spiritual growth and happiness. Whenever you resonate to words of another, it is but a confirmation of your inner knowing.

Your higher Self is not your human mind, neither is it your intellect. They are only outward phases of your human personality. The higher Self, the spirit of you, is an expression and extension of your Divine Impersonal Spirit. The goal is to understand this truth thoroughly and live it completely. When we step away from the domination of the human personality, we free ourselves from further entrapment.

So much of what we define as us are the thoughts, belief systems, and personal opinions of others who are also threatened and struggling. The biggest problem is the personality who fights the truth of who you really are. The Divine Self has always been with you. If you have not yet achieved understanding of the significance of your true Self, you will not know the Presence with confidence and an ever deepening love. Would you like to consciously know your real Identity? Are you ready to embrace the mystery and cross the bridge of separation, limitation, doubt and fear?

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