Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Undermining the Personality

I have the gift of seeing, hearing and feeling the personality of another soul after it has crossed over into the subtle worlds of Light. I always find it amazing how similar the personality is after death to the temperament it expressed while in the body. From my understanding, the personality from the life the soul recently dropped remains with it until it is ready to move on to higher vibrations or descend again into physical form. Once the pull to the old life wanes, the soul begins to express more of its true personality, which is a culmination of the strengths of all its past personalities.

There is also a very different authority at the same time. It is a Divine Personality that the evolving soul gradually through life experiences recognizes and accepts as its own. Before the union occurs, the human personality will rebel because it generally is proud of its individuality and doesn't yet recognize its true higher Nature, the Divine Personality. The human personality is needed to develop a strong mind and body, strong enough so it can eventually reach a point in conscious awareness where it is prepared to know the higher Self. Once we recognize the authority of the higher Self, the undermining of the temporary human personality begins.

People often assume that it is the human personality who desires to spiritually evolve. It is not. It is the hidden mystery, the real Divine Personality within who makes the decision to come out of hiding. It is actually this higher Self that is leading us through all the nonsense and illusions of the human personality. This is the ancient method used to awaken the soul to the unreality so it will turn to the one and only Reality.

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