Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stop Creating Images of Others

A good example is the individual who sees himself as a great guru or teacher. He may see devotion and awe in those around him. This is his interpretation and not necessarily true. Another example is a person who is paranoid. He will find hostility and potential threats in people's actions and form images of them as menacing and aggressive. People generally interpret the actions and words of those around them according to their own self-image. We do this because other's actions and words have significance to us only to the extent that they effect us. I am speaking of people who are not yet balanced or full enlightened. This means they are primarily lower self-centered, not spirit or higher Self centered. They are only concerned about themselves. The average person is mostly interested in how others treat them. The image that they create of others is in reality a projection of them. What we relate to is the image we have created or clothed another in. Very interesting.

This process is a form of constantly reading other's minds. Anticipating what a spouse will request or certain looks on people's face may make you feel you really know what they are thinking. We are seeing images, not people, because we have created these images. How can we know another while we create images as barriers to knowing? Stop the insane process of creating images of others. The ideal is to allow the mystery of every person to unfold without anticipation and second guessing.

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