Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creating Images

With appropriate practice, we may actually know the nature of any person's mind from the image of that person's form. This idea has caused great interest in the minds of crystal gazers, magicians of every type, charlatans and ordinary people who hope to see the hidden thoughts of their fellow man. Rather than try to look into someone else's mind, it would be much wiser to look into our own thoughts. Deep inquiry is the only one that can be true for you. If you are given an answer and grasp it intellectually, you only have intellectual knowledge, and it will be of little use to you in the areas that count.

Have you ever stopped to analyze how we relate to people? We create an image of them and based on the nature of that image we form a relationship. Anything negative or positive resulting from our relationship with that person we add to our image of them. That image becomes our reality and it is the image to which we relate. It is enormously important to see that this is how we relate to the world. Good example is a couple relationship. One of the parties matures, grows in his or her understanding. The other party will not necessarily like the change. Why? Because the comfortable image of the partner has changed.

What happens is that we manipulate the reality of those around us by projecting ourselves onto the image that we create of them. We also form images about someone by how they respond to us. For instance, someone is giving a dialogue and you appear to be listening with an intent look and a smile although you are hoping they will soon shut up. Your mind is elsewhere. The speaker will perceive the attention as evidence that you are really interested. More on this tomorrow.

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