Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is almost impossible to change one's temperament. We come into the world with a clearly defined temperament. Character is influenced by the environment, family, society, education and other factors. So, it does sound like character is influenced by many aspects of life. A person's character is identical to his temperament but, it is a new 'edition'. It is deliberately acquired. We have the choice to either improve or ruin our lives. An important factor is our individual will and also the will of others. The end result is that a person's character reveals what he has decided or accepted to be. Character is the expression of the conscious dimension of man. Temperament is the expression of the unconscious or subconscious dimension.

It is true that your temperament evolves not only from what birth sign you were born under but how you allied yourself in past lives by your thoughts, desires and actions, with certain forces. The accumulative effect now determines your subconscious, which is your temperament. There is not too much you can do about it. It is like your skeleton or muscular system; it cannot be radically changed. Powerful thought and will can slowly and imperceptibly can eventually make little changes.

Character, on the other hand, can be changed. What we can do is mold and improve it. Once a soul decides to become a disciple of truth, he begins his transformation.
As an example: If you have lack of self control and frequently hurt other people's feelings, you can one day wake up to the fact that your attitude is not only detrimental to yourself but to others as well. Once you experience an inner realization, there are things you can do to soften your character and stop abusing others as well as your self. By managing to control ourselves, no damage is caused.
Temperament is closely related to man's animal nature. Character although closely associated with temperament represents the intellectual, conscious, voluntary dimension or impulses of our biological nature. Character does not exist at birth. It is formed gradually, over the years. For example: Children have a temperament but not yet a character.

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