Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Esoteric Science

Every organ and every cell in our body has its etheric double. I know because I see with the eyes that are behind the physical eyes. There is an etheric double behind our limbs and behind everything that is created in matter. All our cells and particularly the cells of the white and grey matter of the brain and the solar plexus, possess a memory. The etheric matter records our slightest action, thought or desire. Because of repetitive reactions and actions stereotypes are created. Once recorded, everything goes on repeating itself. We call repetitions our habits.

When we become aware of our repetitive negative actions, we can change them. So, when we are learning something new make a concerted effort to do it correctly or mistakes will continue over and over again in that particular area. The idea is to cut a perfect stereotype. We are engravers who need to be careful and not create mistakes that will keep occuring. Remember, everything is recorded.

Nature also records everything. Both good and bad habits have their stereotypes. Now, how do we get rid of the bad records? The answer is obvious but we must make certain we are vigilant. Try to do the opposite to what we are accumstomed to doing and create a new and more rewarding stereotype. Vigilance is the secret of change. The old stereotypes never completely disappear because they are stored in the Akashic Record, which exists on the etheric plane. Another way of saying the same thing is that we cannot simply erase old stereotypes because they exist in the subconscious. Simply talking about this will not change the stereotype. We must change the direction by either replacements or grafting onto our mind by allying our consciousness with loftier beings and thoughts.

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