Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can Evil be used?

How can something else come up between a seeker and his or her good intentions? Where did the interference come from? Once you understand that you have both a lower and higher nature, this question is easier to understand. The more you are enlightened, contradictory elements from the ego, the lower senses, will not sabotage your plans. There is a school of thought that teaches us to use both good and evil. Sounds strange, yes, but it is true.

We can make use of evil but in homeopathic doses and actually get remarkable results. As long as unenlightened intelligence exists, it means the Creator allows it to exist. Why? We cannot destroy it. Is there a solution? Nature knows how to use evil and that is why I mentioned in homeopathic doses. If we are strong and intelligent, it can cure us. It cures us by using it.

Why struggle against evil? We can use evil people and circumstances to accomplish the work of the Light. If we use it and transform it, we learn to control the potent forces of the psychic plane. When we gain a higher understanding, we realize that humanity has created what is referred to as evil. Remember, in the past whenever a miracle occurred, the Church would say that it was the work of the devil? You see, inner conflict causes evil. If unity is lacking, the individual or group moves in a lower vibration of discontent and punishment. As soon as an individual or group has restored order within and is in harmony with Nature, what is accepted as evil forces stop bothering the target. In other words, if we go against natural and divine law, we attract torment and ugliness. So, if evil energy is prevalent in your life, ask yourself how closely you live according to the will of the One and understand your own nature.

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