Monday, November 17, 2008


In the Sutras, there is a section on attainments. It states that attainments do not necessarily equate to freedom. A power, which is called attainment, suggests we are becoming powerful but it doesn't mean we are perfect or have achieved a balanced state of mind. There are twists to everything. Something for all of us to think about. There are many people who have psychic gifts, powers of various types and their lives are a mess.

In Sutra 3.16, it states we can become a conscious time traveler and learn to see either the past or future as if it were actually happening in the present. This is a very serious sutra. Where is your mind? Everything appears to go back to the state of the mind in the moment. Try checking on your thoughts at least once an hour. Meditation and chanting will bring you into the moment if you remain conscious. In other words, don't bliss out but stay in the moment. Breathing exercises help tremendously with our attaining a focused mind.

In Sutra 3.21, we are urged to look into our selves. We need to seriously look at the images we create of other people. Are they really true? The images we create of others can be false. It often is what we want to see or we project our own image on that person. One of the most powerful tools is to choose to create harmony, because harmony is the basis of creation. If we do not understand harmony, we will continue to be influenced by the memories of the past or look to the future. Work on attaining harmony that is useful and long-lasting and the present becomes an activity that is in harmony with the forces of nature, with the luminous spirits of the invisible worlds as well as with human beings.

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