Monday, April 13, 2009

To Be or Not to Be

Yesterday I was thinking about the meaning of Hamlet's famous statement. Hamlet's inability to act came from the deepest of personal conflicts. On the surface, it appears as if he is trying to decide between suicide or murder. Things were not going his way. Another way to define Hamlet's emotions was to ask himself... to live or not live. He was discussing with himself the possibility of suicide. Hamlet was concerned with the after life and having to face consequences of his actions. During that period of church history, there was a great deal of fear surrounding the subject of suicide.

The question is...should Hamlet accept what has happened to him and not do anything and just BE? He is thinking over unfinished business and reasons to live and after much thought he decides to live. He went through a great personal dilemma. Perhaps, TO BE, is the taking charge of the purpose in our life and giving it our all. Not to BE is the way of a coward. As the play continued, Hamlet's feelings shift to the 'TO BE' category, the hero who fulfills his life's purpose. Later he dies.

Those of you who have read my last book, 'Be-Embracing the Mystery' know the special story behind the title. The manuscript was finished but I was having some difficulty in deciding on a title. As I was sitting alone in my bedroom, a booming Voice said one word...BE. Of course, what a perfect title! I added the 'Embracing the Mystery' to the name. When I called a good friend about the 'Voice' experience, she asked me if I had ever heard the sound track from the movie, Jonathon Living Seagull, created in 1973 and sung by Neil Diamond. I had not. She immediately ordered a copy of the CD. It's theme is BE. Neil sings about the 'painted sky where the clouds are hung for the poet's eye where you may find Him. BE as a page and an extra word that speaks on a theme that is timeless---' I cried tears of joy listening to that amazing soundtrack. Neil Diamond understands.

As that was going on, I came across a poem that I had written about five years ago called BE. I had totally forgotten about the poem. It is very brief and is included in the front of my book.


What needs to heal is a sense of separation
Suffering ceases with acceptance of Self
To be is to know Self as all life, regardless of form
To understand is to be one with It
To be one is to be
Truth is simple
This is the Key, the Way and the Word

During the last five weeks I have been very active on Face Book. Many good Muslim friends have come into my life. As a result of the new friendships, I located a book that has been collecting dust on the shelf. The book is called 'The Essential Rumi.' To my surprise, Rumi writes about the word BE in one of his poems. I will only share one of the verses: 'Creation was spoken with one sound, BE. The two letters, B and E, to record it,came after. The meaning of the sound and its resonance are one. There's no way to ever say this, in so many words! And no place to stop saying it."

To be or not to be is our choice. Why not be the grandest version of who we really are?

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