Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Mental Tool Box

There is an effective mental tool that will help create a powerful healing. It is the tool of detachment. I know this is much easier to say and write about then actually do. It is well worth the effort to develop detachment and have it handy in your tool kit of self-help. When we learn detachment, it is much easier to heal ourselves and help others to heal. I am not insinuating that you put on armour and shield yourself against the feeling nature. The type of detachment I am suggesting is a form of compassion and understanding. If it is a serious personal issue, hiding behind armour won't work for the long run. You may have convinced yourself that you are not wounded but, the wound will fester in the subconscious part of the mind until a future moment when you are ready to face what happened. You may at a future time react passionately to an experience not having a clue as to why it is upsetting you so much. The current experience is tapping into the long ago pain that was not acknowledged and healed.

What is meant by detachment from my point of understanding is to get the personality out of the way and deliberate force your self to view the situation from a higher perspective. To be successful, we must be still. To be still is to be in a peaceful state of mind that understands a higher power is capable of coming into the drama and bringing the necessary ingredients so all involved are healed. It is vital that we understand and learn to detach from the influence of negative emotions. Yes, I have mentioned that our emotions serve us in myriad ways, but they can also hinder our goals when we become so embroiled in their influence that we can no longer be objective. This is why I strongly suggest that the personality get out of the way and the situation be analyzed and felt on a detached level that transcends mortal thinking and feeling.

Negative emotions can stagnate the soul. They can influence, twist and even block any movement forward. I know as a fact that we frequently store away in our memory box events and people that are too upsetting to take out and look at. Eventually, we look at them and let go. Damage control is stepping out of our own "story" every once in awhile. The dramas of life are often created to force us to look at the old chapters in our personal book and rewrite them. The damage is conditioning, false judgments and belief systems that work against inner peace. We have written volumes. A good thorough editing is required every once in a while to help us restore balance. Believe it or not, on some level of your being you have chosen an environment and family that will force you to take charge of your own emotional and mental nature.

I am actually stating two views both of which are necessary. One, is to allow ourselves to feel when a horrific event occurs. Sometimes our position in life does not allow this. Or...we judge at that moment that it is beneath our stature to reveal our inner pain. Two, do our best to understand ugliness at a higher level, the level of the spirit. Denial will work up to a point. Eventually, the explosion will surface. We are feeling creatures. Truth whether hidden or revealed forces us to look at our wounds, forgive and smile.

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