Friday, April 17, 2009

Can Earthbound Entities Bother You?

People frequent write to me about how they are being attacked by negative energy that may or may not take a visible form. These energies are not of the earth but they are alive and are attracted to earth. They appear at first glance to be attracted to people who are involved with substance abuse and negative behavior. Although there is a lot of truth in this conclusion many good people are being attacked as well. A famous Catholic priest, Padre Pio, is an excellent example. Anything that throws the chemistry of our body out of balance may attract earth bound entities who have nothing to do except cause nasty problems. I was first introduced to this subject in 1971 when a widowed neighbor brought his daughter over to see me. The father was desperate. His daughter had changed from an honor student and good daughter who respected her father's family boundaries to a totally different and unpleasant personality.

The father left and I was alone with a high school girl, a stranger. I started to make friendly chatter and she immediately confided that she liked to use a psychic board game. A red flag went up right away because I already knew that the psychic board games usually attract earthbound entities who love to answer questions pretending they are wise and concerned. Suddenly, the girl shared the fact that she smokes marijuana. Once she confessed that fact, I was aware of another presence in the room. It was a dark entity, a nasty parasite of the lower worlds who is capable of knowing our thoughts and intent. The entity knew that I had a higher power, a gift of healing, and did not want me influencing his target. What the entity did next was to send my body intensely hot and uncomfortable energy that began to confuse my thinking. I had never had an attack experience but knew with a certainty that this gesture was not friendly and she wanted me to stop influencing the girl.

There was no time to be wasted on thinking. Action had to be taken. I stood up and placed my hands above the girl's head and said a "power" word demanding that the negative entity leave her body immediately. This was my first experience with exorcism. Using a name of God with control, passion and the highest intent will remove anything that is lesser in its intent. An instantaneous healing occurred. When I said the power word, a vaporous substance left the girl's body. She stood up with a big smile on her face. She exclaimed, "She's gone, she's gone!" I asked, "Who is gone? She told me the name of the entity attachment. Now that the intruder had been removed, the girl's countenance was radiant and no longer troubled. There was an amazing shift in her energy.

There is much more to this story and it all has to do with not honoring who we are and abusing our bodies. When we neglect our own lives, we open a door to a lower invisible dimension inviting trouble of the worst possible kind. We must respect who we are. Humans and their various forms of self abuse are the authors of dark forms. Earthbound souls and entity attachments are mentioned in scripture, poetry, literature, art and other avenues of expression. Lost souls exist. Don't invite them...

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