Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is God's Good Pleasure to Give to You

Do you believe that it is God's good pleasure to give to you or do you feel unworthy?
When we change the way we look at things and genuinely try to reflect our higher Nature, we get it. What we get is that God is the real part of us and when we see that spark in others as well as in us, we can receive with an understanding and joyful heart.When we finally accept our own divinity, a healing begins to happen within and without. Healing merges the individual spirit, our eternal higher nature, with matter. The merging transforms the appearance through the conscious direction of the power of thought. I firmly believe the more stable and healthy we are in mind and body, the greater our ability to freely live and serve life.

Anyone playing the role of the transmitter of the One Power and One Presence must be in a state of balance to be truly effective. Some of you are called upon to help heal others. From longtime personal experience it is best that the human personality is forgotten during the treatment and the inner spirit identity remembered in both you and the client. Healing occurs when we are conscious of perfection and unconscious of the appearance of imperfection. In other words, I am suggesting that you not make imperfection the focus. See balance and beauty, strength and wholeness. See behind the appearance. When you focused on flaws, negative energy increases. Denial is not what I am suggesting~ Only see and feel beauty. There are grander possibilities. Focus on what you deserve or your client loved one or friend deserves and what you feel is good. If persistent and believing enough, the intelligence within the cells will eventually take you seriously and obey the thoughts sent by creating a new and balanced mold.

The divine within gives to us according to our light, understanding and love. When we trust and believe and allow, the perfection and good pleasure of the Divine manifests as physical and mental perfection. It also manifests as matter. See your self and others as joyful and complete. This is one way for you to give and make a difference. Although others may not resonate to your vision of them, the thoughts you are sending will not be wasted. One day, they will in gratitude accept the love you have offered, the same love that you accepted from the God within you.

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