Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guileless Wisdom -The Pretender

The following is a true story. Since a few of the people involved are still living, there have been a few alterations. I was raised a Lutheran yet my family were universal in their understanding. We recognized the light within and the golden thread of love that connected all the religions and philosophies of the known world. The location of this story is a Lutheran college. The setting is spring of my senior year. The actors were my boyfriend, his fraternity brother and myself. The time was an era when the subject of metaphysics, the coming Golden Age and the radiant Light were not openly discussed. I always kept silent about my belief in preexistence, luminous beings, karma and ongoing life. Ever since I can remember, my parents had a small group of friends who met on a Friday night to privately discuss what was not being discussed openly as it is today.

The drama began when the fraternity brother of my boyfriend contacted me requesting a private meeting. He said that he had something remarkable to share and I would be the only one who would understand. During this time period, my consciousness was unusually pure and innocent. It never dawned on me that people existed who would act improperly and promote incorrect teachings or behavior in the name of truth and love. Nor did it ever cross my mind that a soul can be raped. I was curious about the mysterious and we agreed to meet. At this point in my story you are either going to laugh out loud at my stupidity or you will have tears and shake your head in disbelief. He told me that he was a luminous being from Nirvana and that he had stepped into this particular body specifically to instruct and be with me whenever he felt the timing was appropriate. He was very knowledgeable about the eastern religions and somehow knew that they were of great interest to me. Remember, this is a Lutheran college and new age groups, gurus and esoteric book availability were not of the same interest then as they are now. Although I had a serious relationship with another man, I felt singled out by a master with great powers who happened to have the ability to enter and leave a human body by choice. It was not a possession according to him but a convenience to exercise his will. Because of my unusual trust in goodness and not having developed vigilance or discernment, I was an easy target for the glamour of psychic powers. I was misled.

We secretly met periodically and I was the gullible and willing student. This man besides being unusually informative was very handsome and his words were like the first taste of honey. How could a girl be so fortunate? A man-god had come to visit and share his wisdom and powers. He claimed he could take my life away and raise me from the dead. I actually did not recognize the deceit or lack of pure intention...only the beauty of his appearance and words. I agreed. That was the last word remembered until I found him administering mouth-to-mouth first aid in the car. Although I blacked out and the struggle to regain my breath was difficult, I obviously survived. He had choked the life out of me and brought me back as he claimed he would. My dress was ripped. No apology...nothing. Remember, he was demonstrating his power over matter.

I had never been exposed to spiritual darkness nor did I recognize evil face to face. The next day my eyeballs hemorrhaged. I required medical attention. A word to others was never said. The horrific experience was my introduction to evil, manipulation and the misuse of power. My words to you cannot be emphasized strongly enough. There is a fallen nature in some souls. These souls are separated from the Light by their own choice. Today, many of us are focusing on the divine, the unity of all souls. In our thirst and hunger for unity, let us not forget diversity. There are souls here in the flesh who are ready to crush the naive, the innocent at heart.

Perhaps, in today's world such innocence does not exist. Whether it does or not, please pay attention, be vigilant and honor your life. Regardless of how beautifully someone presents his or her self, do not be enamored by appearance or the words spoken. Think deeply. Go within to the true power and not allow an ego, a pretender, to be your guide. Please develop discernment and intuition so you know what is true and what is not true. I trusted the good in another but the other had no good to give.

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