Monday, April 27, 2009

What Actually is Spiritual Ignorance?

This week we will examine the sickness of the heart and mind and how the sickness is recognizable through very common inclinations. For instance, when we lack discrimination, we become enslaved. Why? The inner Nature has not been recognized. Spiritual ignorance takes many forms. The personality becomes enamoured with impermanence. Impermanence generates illusions, attachments and the two lead to suffering. Ignorance is a sickness of the heart and mind and falsely assumes that the impermanent world is where riches can be found. Not so. The inner light is infinitely richer than that of any possession.

The most powerful way to protect your self from negative energy is to remove the remaining ignorance's that exist in your own thinking and feeling nature. Until we see the harm that we are doing to ourselves by refusing to acknowledge the darkness, which I also call spiritual ignorance, we will not be free of negative influences. Some of the ignorance's are the following: lack of discrimination, not allowing or seeing the Light, lack of a higher understanding, cravings for things or people that are not permanent, ignorance of your own spiritual identity, jealousy, enslavement to the physical body, intellectual knowledge and impure intention. When we are freed from the ignorance's that are commonly accepted as our identifications, we will not make future mistakes or attract negative entities or energies toward us.

We can deliberately erase the false design that we have in most cases ignorantly created with a higher design, a design that has as its foundation true understanding. Understanding what needs to be removed, moves us toward harmony, oneness and equanimity. We are on earth in a physical body to learn to grow. We can be restored by being reminded of our purpose and then taking the right actions. As we discard the old and bring in the new design, it is easier to create an indescribable singular intimacy with our Source. What I would like you to ask yourself today is, "Do I live in that intimacy?" Go over the above list of possible ignorance's that block a soul from recovery and each day deliberately take another step toward true freedom.

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