Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cultivating Divinity

I believe that we are obliged to cultivate the truth that we are divinity. As our personality accepts this great truth, we realize that physical life is inseparably linked to the past and to the future. As we expand and elevate the vibration of personal understanding, the result will provide positive programming for fresh experiences. Instead of remaining immersed in a psychic ocean of falsity, we build a clear and stable future. To discover the inner wisdom, the real you, discipline your mind to think about it, visualize, communicate and eventually the hidden will surface as a living tangible reality.

Whatever effort we put forth remains with us. When we deliberately write our own book of splendor, we become the dance and the art and the poetry. Nurture your dream and it will deliver your soul from the pain of duality and suffering. Whether it is a dream or an ideal imagined in your heart and mind, desire appears in the invisible worlds first and is destined to eventually materialize in matter. A passionate desire is planted in the soil of Creative Mind.

I suggest you not worry about the outcome or length of time it may take to achieve a conscious firsthand connection with the Divine. Simply continue to trust, honor and love the journey. Realize the great truth that in desiring to be free and living consciously as the light and beauty that you always have been, a greater sense of what is true becomes your reality. The ideal you create will determine every aspect of your forward journey. Inner wisdom knowledge, deliberately exercising will power and belief will bring what already exists in the 'Heaven' dimensions visibly into the physical plane. You become a powerful light stream who is free to feel, know and explore higher dimensions of thought and wonder. You are already what you seek. The result is knowing this truth~

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