Monday, April 6, 2009

A Complete Human Being

The character of the Master Teacher Jesus is a perfect example of a complete human being. He fully expressed the positive feminine virtues when he nurtured those in need, was concerned for children, comforted others and struggled against oppression. Jesus fed the hungry, washed the feet of his disciples, openly wept and was confident in expressing intimacy. His behavior is particularly impressive because of the patriarchal time period.

What Jesus did, in my opinion, is destablize the boundaries between male and female. His teachings encourage gentleness, understanding and forgiveness as well as the male virtues of courage, strength and mental reasoning. Because the souls who lived during that time did not understand him, he suffered. His respect and love for the women disciples served to expose the falsity of gender identity and differences as not fixed.

Whatever gender we happen to be is fully capable of authority, responsibility, courage, strength, intelligence as well as love, compassion, perception and creativity. This sameness is for all of us. Whoever is gifted with the light of understanding must stand forward and speak. Regardless of gender, that individual has the right to act as a spiritual and intellectual authority. Woman are fully capable of walking with God. The ultimate goal from my understanding is to be fully human. We can accomplish anything if we fully understood what thought could do. Our present world can change into a kingdom of heaven as soon as the collective point of view has changed.

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