Thursday, April 23, 2009

Man's Greatest Mistake

Man's greatest mistake has been to try to break away from the One. When we separate ourselves from the One, we have two, which is duality. Even though everything and everyone on our planet is divided into two, the essence of who we are is One. When we divide everything, we mutilate and no longer understand that we are a unit of infinite possibilities. One is obviously harmony, healing and happiness. Once an individual understands that it is possible to go beyond the two of good and evil, solutions, peace, beauty and genuine joy are experienced. In ancient times, the philosophy of unity was the primary teaching. Dualism appeared in the Persian religion of Manicheism and in Christianity with the concept of Satin. Muslims call the negative influence Shaitan and the Egyptians called him Seith. Cabbalists and astrologers called the planet Saturn, the devil.

People cry for God's help in the hope that they will be free from suffering and sorrows. The mess was not created by God. We are the ones who have put up so many barriers of falsity between the Creator and ourselves. Because we have made the mistake of distancing ourselves from our very Source, it is up to us to clear away all the obstacles preventing us from being and living who we truly are. To let in the light, we have to open the blinds. Everything works together; it does not need to be divided. Negative energies run rampant in human experience because we have created them. We can correct our mistakes through aligning the body, mind and soul with the One power, the only real power from my experience. The following is an example of one of many incidents in my life when I trusted and called on a higher Power to take charge of a situation that was straight out of hell.

A friend had given me a gift certificate for a massage. She felt I could use a little pampering because two people very close to me had suddenly died in one week. As soon as I stepped in the office, I felt a terrible heaviness and knew something was terribly wrong. I felt worse after the massage. I felt so weak that I immediately went home and to bed. What I witnessed in my room would have frightened anyone who has not successfully participated in exorcism work. A large dark form as wide and deep as half of my bedroom boldly appeared. The negativity that was so debilitating in the massage office had followed me home. I felt that the conglomerate was a collection of negative energies that had been left in the unsuspecting therapist's place of work.

Since I did not feel divided or fearful, I knew that if I called on Celestial help it would immediately come to my rescue. I prayed. Immediately after saying the prayer, a lightning bolt in the shape of Archangel Michael's sword suddenly came swiftly from the left side of the room. The radiant blue-white luminous sword flashed past me aiming directly at the enormous dark form. In a short breath, the Celestial Light dissipated the darkness. The heaviness left my body immediately. My soul rejoiced and harmony was restored. A magic wand is not required to remove the darkness of duality and ignorance. A strong belief and a willingness to open the mind and heart and reach higher than the appearance world of lack, limitation, ignorance and sorrow. I totally believed in the One Power, God, and had earlier in life answered the Call. When I was in need, Love answered my call~

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