Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good and Evil Operating in Us

Are your desires lofty, your intentions good and behavior usually pleasant? Perhaps, in an unguarded moment you react from a part of you that you are not proud of. Every human has two sides. Being in the flesh consists of a higher and lower nature. The contradictory forces become active when you make a decision to be a better person with resolutions that will shape you into a human being who will reflect your higher nature. It is as if the forces are eager to challenge your good intentions. When you make a decision to evolve your consciousness, it is a good practice to analyze yourself and be on guard. Learn to take precautions to guard your purpose by meditating and surrounding yourself with individuals both seen and unseen who will guide and protect you. When you choose to spiritually awaken, you have an obligation to be conscious of all that goes on within and without.

Keep asking yourself why you are on earth and what is expected of you. Things just don't happen. There is a powerful order which exists behind all creation; its laws are immutable. When you begin to accept and live by the laws of harmony, true soul evolution begins. If you resist, you simply delay the inevitable. If you continue to live by the dictates of your own personality, ongoing challenges will definitely confront you that conflict with the laws of harmony. True credentials are the authority of the higher Nature. To evolve requires recognition and understanding of an existence in our midst that is far more powerful and more beautiful than the world of matter as we think of it. In scripture it mentions becoming a servant to the Lord. When you fully understand that being a servant is surrendering the ego or lesser human nature to the spiritual identity, the Christ possibility that lives within, then you begin to discover truth as it is meant to be lived. Then, you know with certainty that a world of real power is with you every step of the way because you have correctly identified who is the boss, the Good within.

The lower nature, the ego-personality, will sometimes interfere and thwart your good intentions. When your intentions are thrown off, the interference comes from the part of you that has not been mastered. Some teachings instruct the students on how they can wipe out the evil or lower nature. Evil does exist and to say it does not is to be in denial. As long as humans are not fully enlightened, dark forces are at work because there is a reason for its continued existence. Evil can be a poison for those who are not awakened. Once you grasp its significance and you are strong, it can be used as a cure. Why not learn to use and transform the negative? If evil were meant to be destroyed, God would take care of it, right? Have you examined the thought that evil exists to help us be restored to the order within ourselves? If you have understood this truth, you also experience the harmony of not being bothered by lesser energies because you have learned to bring in the Light and dissipate the darkness. Darkness is spiritual ignorance. We have to move to a higher vibration to have command of both good and evil. You can learn to use an opposing force. In truth, duality is simply a manifestation of unity.

Sages, saints, prophets and people with good intentions who have chosen to do healing work have been and still are tormented by earthbound entities. I am constantly receiving messages from people regarding being attacked by psychic poisons. Not only do attacks occur inner anguish, negative energies arrive on the scene as disasters and disease when you go against the laws of your higher Nature, the spirit. Have you ever wondered why saints like Job, St. Anthony and Padre Pio and others have been tempted and endured horrific ordeals? The answer, dear friends, is to see how they would react. Once you understand with a certainty why certain things happen that behave like poisons, you will also strive to purify and use everything good within you to become stronger. Eventually, you will become immune to not only the fluctuations of your little ego but to outer disorder and conflict.

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