Thursday, April 9, 2009

Increasing Mind Power

There are many practical steps that can be taken to increase the power of the conscious mind. As an example, the following suggestion is effective regardless of physical age. It is well worth your while to organize mental powers. To increase the power of concentration, learn to train the mind. No one wishes to experience dementia. It is very difficult to be vigilant and have discernment to any high degree if the mind wanders or forgets. Beginning with five minutes in the morning is the best time of day for a concentration exercise because your body is more likely to be tension free after a good night's sleep. Close your eyes and focus on something beautiful or sacred. The training is more effective imagining a form such as a stream of water, a flower, a butterfly or bird. Use an image that represents aliveness. a flame, or the calmness of the sea, billowing clouds, or a green meadow also provides the expansiveness and freedom that the inner self desires.

In the beginning, imagining helps with concentration. Later in your pursuit of disciplining the mind and hopefully being conscious of the subtle worlds of light and sound, the images will be offered to you from a higher Source than the thinking part of your mind. Going back to the images you deliberately create, use an image that is significant to you. Make it large and real. See it about two feet away from your body. Be gentle, patient and use moderation. Evaluate the image. For instance, if you have a favorite bird such as a swan imagine it gliding with its partner ducking down deep into the water looking for food. I recommend you use the same image every day until it becomes real and lasting. It will take repeated attempts and regularity to establish a rhythm. The image becomes a place of refuge but it also trains your thinking mind to focus for longer periods of time on an idea that offers peace, expansion and beauty.

When I first began my mind training, I would stare at a blank wall. Sitting quietly for long periods of time Universal symbols of Light Energy would appear providing a tool for prophesy, hidden knowledge and investigation. Later on, I discovered that staring at a blank wall was a meditative technique used in China. To keep the mind focused requires discipline and is an ancient practice exercised in cultures on the far side of the world. The Greeks also developed mind exercises for improvement purposes and memory perfection. Pythagoras taught perfection through release of all the potential powers of the higher part of the Self. If physical exercise benefits the body, it makes sense that the mind will also benefit through regular and focused disciplines. A discipline that increases control over wandering thoughts will carry over into every day situations when you are being challenged. You will automatically center your thoughts.It is a tool that benefits the expansion of your consciousness.

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