Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cause of Evil

The doctrine that God can be incarnated in human form is found in both religion and philosophy. It is said, that when goodness grows weak, evil increases. What does this mean? The bodies of human beings are affected by the good or bad states of their minds. The answer to this question is discovered when we research and ultimately discover the Light. The divine serenity and good will of the many is one of the reasons the world does not go completely mad. In the psychic universe, the same holds true. If the psychic world is fed obsessive thoughts of evil, egotism and rebellion, it will connect with humans whose behavior is negatively emotional, mistreating the mind and body and off balance. The human mind affects consciousness regardless of its density or visibility.

When I speak of density, I am referring to the fact that matter is Light condensed. When a soul lives in matter, it psychologically distances itself from the Source, God, the Limitless Light. Imagine an immense circle with a point at its center. Living in a world of matter we are on the periphery and not at the center, which emanates the light. Souls who have manifested in matter lose their center. The only way they regain it is through personal seeking, striving, loving and being. So, if a soul does not know that it has distanced itself from the Center Light, it reacts in confusion, forgetfulness, sorrow and in many cases anger. These reactions are self-destructive. Much of the sorrow today is a direct result of humans understanding on a very subtle level that they are missing something very valuable. They are missing grace because they judge themselves from the outward appearance and not the inner light of perfection.

Yes, I am saying that the ugliness, disrespect, selfishness, horror and cruelty that can be experienced by a soul whether it is in a physical body or existing on a lower astral plane is the result of this sense of lack and separation. You see, when Nature and life is not respected or understood from the center point, the doer's light is diminished. Dying is all about diminished Light. When I look at people with my inward spiritual eye, the intensity of their light is obvious. The light of their consciousness can be barely visible or it can be like a waterfall spilling over into life itself. We are light first. The physical body came later. If we do not take care of the inner Light, the mind, emotions, body, relationships, work and whatever we do is harmed. It cannot expand because the light is temporarily capped. From a cosmic point of view, all of us must move towards the Center, the Limitless Light, Father-Mother God, our Source. Church, temple and ashram attendance is not the answer. The answer is within your heart and mind and how you allow your light to shine. If it is basically snuffed out, you die on every level through negative thoughts and associations. Your mind attracts to you what you think and feel about all day. Looking at evil from this perspective, ask your self whether any form of negativity is an outside influence directed at you or is it that your inside needs a divine scrubbing.

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