Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Negative Entities

Many intruders, invisible negative entities, do not know anything about realms of light and good. Beauty and wholeness is not real to them. They assume sickness and pain is normal. They are attracted to people who are not balanced in either body, mind or soul. Frequently attachments are felt in the physical body of the victim. The victim doesn't realize that his or her pain is actually an intruder who chose to make his home in that area. Sounds bizarre but after confronting a negative force who spoke through a patient as I laid hands on him, I know anything can happen. The earthbound entity did not understand love or the energy of spiritual light. In a case like this, I always call on the angels to come and remove the unwanted. The proof is in the result. The pain left the man's hip immediately upon the release of the entity.

Don't play around with an intruder from the subtle worlds. That assignment is for the angels to handle. As I said before you can with authority demand it to leave. I urge you to call in reinforcements for a permanent removal. There are mental entities who desire to direct a person in behavior and in purpose. Frequently, earth bound entities possess people who have violated their own conscience. Using drugs, even prescribed drugs, are an invitation to intruders if you are weak willed. People who play around with psychic boards and mediumship open themselves to possession. It may begin innocently but once you are hooked, the energy will shift. The idea behind the attachment is to manipulate you to their whims.

Alcoholism may be the result of an earthbound soul looking over your shoulder urging you to drink. There are entities who put their force into muscles creating constant tension for the target. Just because you cannot see the invisible world and its inhabitants, does not mean it isn't there right along side your physical existance. If you are Christian, command the intruder to leave in the name of Jesus. Many innocent people who have mental or emotional illnesses carry some kind of nasty spirit influence that is dark. Once the darkness is removed, the body can recuperate sometimes almost instantly or at least in hours. Strangely enough, a dead relative many be lodged into the victim and just won't let go. I have witnessed the tremendous influence of lost and manipulative spirits, their removal and the ill made whole. As long as we live in duality, we are exposed to both the dark and the light. People need to understand the dark forces and definitely increase their own light. Guard your negative emotions. They are the key that opens the door.

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