Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Glorified Souls

Glorified souls are the extreme opposite from the lower astral entities who are doing their utmost to influence humans. One who has attained self-mastery is a glorified soul in my way of thinking. They are the most highly evolved souls. They are the saints, patriarchs and prophets, the great Masters of mankind, the founders of religions. They are the elect who are a connecting link between the unenlightened humans and the range of invisible beings called angels and on upward to the consciousness of the Seraphim. These beings still exist as a luminous brotherhood on the invisible plane. Even in the Universal Brotherhood, there are varying levels in which consciousness continues to evolve. Every mystical movement has a different name for the brotherhood whose role is to watch over mankind and channel cosmic forces to men to help them awaken and grow spiritually.

I know this is true because I have seen, felt and communicated with many of them. They are the true Universal White Brotherhood. These beings have completed their soul evolution and are no longer subject to the whims of fate. They are invulnerable and immortal and possess all knowledge and all powers. Although these beings are masters there exist even more exalted beings. In other words, consciousness is always expanding as sublime hierarchies in the ongoing evolution of the Source as individual form. The beings of the Universal White Invisible Brotherhood are the link between mankind and the sublime levels of consciousness unimaginable to the conscious mind. The Brotherhood are first servants of love, wisdom and truth. They watch over us with great patience and are very powerful.

To gain access to their consciousness, we must prepare ourselves. In other words, we are required to have evolved certain qualities and virtues in our own consciousness. When we make the effort to be pure and dedicate our lives in service to a high ideal, a connection is made. When you have a vision or dream contact with an exalted being, it means that that being is in his or her own special way looking in on you and sending light and protection so you can become more and more like them. They help us achieve a good reflection of the light of the Source that we are. Their assignment, so to speak, is to touch and meet with souls in the flesh who are ready to vibrate in unison with the glorious Brotherhood. When a real connection is made, they frequently give us gifts and powers so we, too, may reach the very peak of evolution while in a human form. These are beings who once had human frailties and have conquered them.

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