Monday, February 23, 2009

Obstacles to Healing

I have been in the healing field for thirty-eight years. There are always a few cases that do not physically heal. At the same time, a healing begins to take place in the subtle levels of the mind. Actually, healing begins in the invisible and usually manifests in its own good time in the physical. Some people use the excuse that the timing wasn't right for the healing. Well, think about it. Space and time are the soul's experience when living in the flesh. We can transcend time as we are used to it through divine contemplation and prayer. By lifting our consciousness to the level of unconditional love for our own body and all its fascinating parts as well as loving others, we skip over the whole idea of time controlling us on any level.

Some clients feel a strong subconscious resistance to being helped because they feel guilty. I know most of us have been taught that our problems are probably due to past negative thoughts and actions. Other people will throw in the idea that there must be a lesson to be learned or a higher purpose for our suffering. These are valid conclusions but they can be side stepped or transcended once unconditional love is understood. The afflicted could feel a need for attention and a sympathetic form of love from a relative or close friend. A few people cling to their imbalances to avoid responsibility. The conscious mind may not be aware of the various excuses hidden in the subconscious part of the mind. This is why it is very important to get at the root cause of emotional suffering. If the causes are not addressed, new ailments may surface.

Readiness determines whether a healing is instantaneous. It depends on how many aspects are clinging to the memory. For others, it may take days or weeks depending on the cause of imbalance, the attitude of the patient and his or her sense of worthiness. Some people punish themselves because of their past thoughts and actions. Once they forgive themselves, they are ready to be healed. Obviously, every one is not healed on the physical level. If the soul has decided it is time to leave the physical body, it will. Issues that are a direct result of emotional imbalances are easily removed when the root cause is discovered. For serious diseases that may or may not be terminal, other factors enter the equation. I know from personal experience that genetic problems can be removed. When I was in my early thirties, I had cataracts in both of my eyes. Once the problem was medically diagnosed, I went into a meditative-prayer state and surrendered my eyes to a higher Power. They were instantly healed.For those who are healed physically, it is important that we be responsible and take excellent care of the body,the mind and use commonsense. The energy of Light is the healer.

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