Friday, February 20, 2009

The Elements of Man

In the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism it is said that the elements, which make up man, produce a capacity for pain. The cause of pain is our craving for individual life. You are probably wondering what desiring individuality has to do with causing pain. What the Buddha is referring to is the result stemming from the soul's separation from its Source. The Infinite and Supreme Source is perfection and unity. When a soul strays from the center point, the Source of Life, he begins to diminish his balance and light. Looking at the ailments of mankind from this perspective, the cravings of individual existence and forgetting our origin is actually the fall in consciousness that scriptures describe. The greater the intensity to do things that stem from selfishness, the greater the biological fall.

People forget to make room within themselves for the Divine Reality. Desire and cravings frequently surpass those of any animal. Looking at who we really are and our higher purpose, a new understanding will make sense regarding degenerative diseases. It becomes obvious that the majority of civilized human beings do not live in harmony with Divine Nature. When we separate ourselves from the Source, we experience disastrous consequences for the most part. God is the Great Physician. The keener our awareness of this fact, the more rapidly the body will mend itself. Does the Divine become sick? No. Our Source is the fountain of life, health and joy.

We require faith, certain disciplines and changes in habit to create a transformation in emotional and physical health that is permanent. It is true that the wide variety of tools and practices today will give us relief but a requirement of wholeness is to change and lift our consciosness. If you become disappointed because you do not heal immediately, it could mean that more is expected from you. Healing is a partnership. You probably do not like the word test. Sometimes, healing requires more patience, trust and lifting our mind out of the muck and mire of robotic thinking to make the desired change. Even if the illness is the effect of a long ago cause, it can be healed if you evolve and believe. A new virtue may be required of you. Emotional problems with all there aspects need to be removed. Guilt hidden in the subconscious part of the mind brings resistance. I have worked with people who are healed of very serious disorders. When they start feeling guilty about their past or even present behavior, the healing can leave them.

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