Thursday, February 19, 2009

Consciousness of Health

Chinese sages felt that personal and social maladjustment are all due to the fact that people have separated themselves from their own divine source and live according to their own will and notions, not according to Tao...which is the Great Way, the Logos, the Nature of things, as it manifests on every plane from the physical on up through the animal and the mental, to the spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual enlightenment comes when we give up the lowest nature's will, ego, and make ourselves agreeable to the workings of the Light in the world around us and in our bodies, minds and souls. To consciously live in cooperation with spirit, the Light, has been and still is difficult for humans because they primarily live out their lives through memory, the promptings of the subconscious. The average person acts and feels from the point of a being that has lost his identity and purpose. The body runs just so long as a mechanical machine. It is when the personality accumulates fears that deterioration and disruption causing ongoing distress that eventually develops into disease.

Now, if you have discovered your own true spirit identity, you have begun the climb back to the source of health, freedom and of the wisdom that answers all questions. The Source, our Creator, is the health of Its creation. Balance is our own divine birthright. Once the mind learns how to us the ancient knowledge of truth to sustain a consciousness of health; we actually are able to heal problems that may have plagued us since the beginning of our journey. There is an omnipresent principle of balance, wholeness and aliveness pervading all living things. Health, real health, is within and does not have to be manufactured in the without. Wholeness is the very essence of Being. It is present but many ignore it. We often turn to the without when the within has been damaged and the process also is chosen in reverse.

Disease is first in the soul-mind and eventually it will materialize in the physical body. The mind is the active agent that controls the human personality and its instrument of expression, the physical body. To entertain negative and destructive thoughts begins the process of disease, decay and death. This can be altered if the personality consciously remembers and regains the positive aspects holding firm to their power in the long journey of return to perfection. The condition or health of the physical body is a direct result of the thoughts and habit patterns of the soul-mind, not the inner spirit. The soul (subconscious memory) and the thinking-mind control the brain and human personality 85% of the time. The human mind and feeling nature becomes a disconnected piece of negative emotional garbage that disrupts the electrical system causing imbalances, increasing fear and falsity resulting in a body and life divorced from its original purpose and plan. If your electrical field is badly damaged, all the vitamins, minerals, herbs and alternative choices available to attain balance are to no avail if the mind and the attitude continue with its debilitating habit patterns.

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