Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is True Disease?

The human race brings down into matter unnecessary afflictions as a direct result of spiritual ignorance regarding true identity and the universal laws that govern creation. If an individual refuses to gain knowledge of the inner identity and purpose for being in a physical form, he or she is a target for suffering. Health is our divine birthright. Health implies balance and understanding. Real health is within. Real illness is not understanding, accepting and living that truth. Health is the very essence of our being. Disease first occurs in the mind and eventually materializes in the physical body. If that were not true, many of the wonderful techniques available for healing emotions would not be nearly effective as they are.

The subconscious and conscious part of the mind is the primary agent controlling the personality and the physical body. Eventually, when the soul is enlightened, the super part of the mind begins to exercise its will, protection and guidance. To entertain thoughts that are negative and destructive corrodes the emotional and physical form. The true disease is lack of spiritual insight,ignorance of the universal laws of harmony and the absence of an awareness of Light. Radiant Light is the heavenly 'glue' that holds all creation together. When the Light is hidden, the soul and mind are influenced by illusion, falsity and the appearance world. Spiritual ignorance creates suffering. This has nothing to do with attending a place of worship. True worship is to understand your relationship to the Source and what role you are to play in the drama of physical life. All mishaps, diseases and losses are not necessarily the result of a cause as most people understand karma. Nasty things happen sometimes simply to jar the soul memory and bring out into the open another reality, a reality that is goodness, love, light, real and enduring.

There is no one to blame for our suffering. The inner temple has been torn down as a result of neglect, forgetfulness and different forms of abuse. To rebuild the temple of Light within our own being, we must establish a firm foundation through faith, understanding, discipline, patience, service and a deep love for the Source and its magnificent creation. Using true knowledge with unswerving patience is the tool of the builder. Spiritual ignorance and the lack of self control is the blow of the destroyer. The true disease is the sleep of the individual spirit within. It is not yet activatd through recognition and love. If this truth would be thoroughly understood and lived, infirmities, lack and limitation would be understood in such a way that heaven can be lived on earth.

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