Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Real Health

Benjamin Whichcote stated in his writings that good men spiritualize their bodies; bad men incarnate their souls. Yes, it is a black and white statement but within his thought is a tremendous truth. A simple heart, a good soul will love all that is most precious on earth and that includes the entire package we call our self. Once a seeker begins to tap into and recognizes a divine Reality, the subject of health becomes a totally different issue. Real health is the original condition of man and all creation. Health is from the anglo-saxon word meaning "whole", "hale" and "well". You have heard of a body being ill, a mind being ill and a soul being ill, not spirit. There is an omnipresent principle of health and harmony pervading all living things. The people Whichcote refers to as bad men are the people who are ignorant of who they really are and as a result must return in a new body over and over again until they get it right. There are always exceptions.

Health, real health, is within and is not manufactured in the without. In other words, health in its truest sense is the very essence of our being. It is universal and as enduring as our true identity, spirit, because it is spirit, a spark of God.
If you recognize and willingly follow the intuitive impulses of your inner spirit, you have found the source of health, freedom and wisdom. You have discovered the magic of who you really are. The degree of your health is determined by your thoughts, past and present. It is necessary that you transcend the habit energy, generic influences and ancestral links and take steps to understand what is obstructing your own health and happiness. We are first and foremost a spiritual being. When you commit your mind and feeling nature to accessing the inner treasure, you begin to receive the flow of true health. As you give more attention to truth principles and live them, your vibrations change and the energy of wholeness out pictures as you.

Humans make themselves sick. No one else does. The world can be a very dangerous place if you do not make yourself worthy of the cosmos. The blessings of inner health will manifest in the body, mind and soul when your faith, discipline and love for the Divine increases. Selfishness must decrease. The ideal is to become the bodily and mental conduit through which a transcendent, supernatural life will flow as us and out into the world. It is then we return to our original body of perfection. The mind is the builder; the body is created by the mind's activity. it makes sense that something must be done differently to be healed. Why not forgive yourself and stop doing the things that create disorder? All error is first made in the mind. Forgiveness is a change in attitude. When a person becomes ill, there is something out of balance in the soul. The mind and soul must be healed first.

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