Monday, February 16, 2009

Thoughts on Healing

The name of this Blog is 'Anyone Can be a Healer'. I truly believe that this is true. To be a healer I am not referring to classes, techniques and putting out time or money. I am talking about lifting your own consciousness and creating a direct
connection with the Source of all life. As I have said in earlier writings, linking to the truth of who you really are and asking for assistance from celestial beings is the path that is the quickest and surest because it is a path of love. Taking classes and learning techniques will give a student confidence and ideas on how to approach a client as a substitute until that moment arrives when you have created a conscious connection with divinity. Beautiful work is being offered all over the planet through emotional healing techniques. What I am discussing here is something altogether different. It is remembering who we are and using that connection to achieve a higher healing first, which will also correct and restructure the various levels of the patient.

This means the activation of the divinity within you, your client and of course, with the Source. There are many levels to healing. What is required is a permanent healing and no repetitive incidents. In many people, they need to be addressed before anything really significant and lasting changes in matter. There are always exceptions. The exception is when the patient is ready on every level to accept the power of love. I know what I am talking about because one day I was not a healer and the next day the power of the One, the holiness of Spirit took over.

We are living in a period of human history where there is a strong interest in the subject of healing. The emphasis, however, has been a physical focus for the most part rather than the inner healing of the soul. The renewed interest is a direct result of the collective consciousness readiness to look at spiritual identity, illumination and remember eternal truth principles such as the law of cause and effect. As a soul develops a genuine love for service as well as the delight in creating perfection, it becomes obvious that disciplining of thoughts, words, actions and surrendering the outcome to a higher Power is required. Perfect health is natural and the work of the true healer is to restore perfect health in their own mind, body and soul first and become a true instrument for change. It is equally as important to request that the client's balance be restored.

When I pray, meditate or lay hands on a client, I rarely mention the ailment or give it more power by concentrating on it. Instead, I acknowledge the divine life that is flowing within the individual and ask that the pure life giving energy bless and bring balance into the mind, body and soul of the client. In asking that the mind of the client cooperate with its spirit who always desires perfection is transcending the personality and allowing the eternal good to create a benevolent outcome. Actually, I say very little except for the request. The One Power does the work. This has nothing to do with my transferring energy to the client. Everything occurs on a higher level and only takes a brief connection to get results that are lasting. Of course, there is much more to this amazing process.

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