Friday, February 13, 2009

Help from the Other Side

If you would like to read any of my one on one angel stories, I suggest you check out 'Be-Embracing the Mystery' or simply go through the archives of this Blog. Many articles were written on this subject last year. People frequently ask me how we look on the other side. Appearance is up to us. Usually, when a departed relative or friend appears to humans, he or she assumes a familiar appearance. The appearance is normally younger, healthier, attractive and definitely recognizable. The beautiful part is that the souls are free and are not in physical pain although emotional pain may linger.

One of my families favorite stories about celestial help was Dad's recuperation from a triple by-pass surgery. During his recuperation, he experienced the presence of invisible beings that he referred to as the "Little People." Although Dad was a very deep and contemplative man, he had never experienced visions prior to the one experienced in the hospital. He claimed that the invisible "Little People", who only he could see, devotedly "worked" on the healing of his incisions while he was lying in his hospital bed. The doctors and nurses were amazed at his rapid recovery.

Later, after returning home to recuperate, Dad had an experience where he felt dizzy as he walked to the bathroom. He turned around and slumped back onto his bed. Feeling discouraged and sorry for himself, an unexpected and sudden vision from another dimension appeared similar to a television fully turned on. He was shown a very ragged, poorly dressed, dirty, skinny, pale barefoot young boy. A celestial Voice said to him, "This is how you see yourself. Now, we will show you how we view you from our perspective." The ragged and poor boy disappeared and a new scene appeared that was dramatically different. Dad appeared as a well dressed, handsome, clean, healthy and joyous looking young man. The Voice continued and said, "This is how we see you." Perhaps, we all need to remember who we really are and not allow ourselves to become a victim. Ask yourself, "Who is the real me?"

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