Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sweetness of Healing

The majority of events that manifest in our lives were first an idea, a thought. I would wager that most people have some form of guilt lurking in the subconscious part of the mind. We have heard about a fall in consciousness described in the Bible. If we accept this teaching without fully understanding it, a sense of unworthiness may influence the good that we deserve. From my inner understanding, the fall of consciousness has more than one meaning. First, it was the choice of intelligence in the subtle worlds to descend and experience matter. Second, every time that we do something to harm our self or other life, it is a step downward, a diminishing of our light. Not understanding this subject creates a veil that will frequently prevent an individual from being healed or helped in a much needed way.

A true healing comes with an understanding that we are in essence... holy. There is no major spiritual growth if the emphasis in healing is strictly on the removal of a physical-emotional-mental problem. We may receive a bandage, temporary comfort, but it the cause behind an affliction that must be addressed. The cause can occur either during this life experience, the womb or prior to the womb. Illumination and conscious oneness existing in the flesh is our purpose in being here on earth. Compassion and grace heals many a broken heart, mind and body. I know through experience that a hereditary weakness can be overcome. I know that when we forgive our self and others, we can be healed. It is necessary to clear out all the dark corners of the mind.

I love the Holy Spirit. It is the comforter, Light in action. When the heart is changed and a lesson learned, we may experience the healing grace of the Holy Spirit. A bestowal blessing of Grace is offered to the afflicted and he/she is released of the hindrance. The body is a temporary vehicle, actually a temple. It's real purpose is to serve the inner spirit. To experience the love and comfort of holiness is beyond amazing. The feeling is awesome, personal and transforms the consciousness of all that are touched by it. In my opinion, the only true healing is the healing of the mind and soul, which liberates the spirit. It is also true that we cannot separate the fragrance from the flower. The ideal is to experience a healing in both the mind and the body. It is then that the healing is permanent.

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