Monday, August 17, 2009

Communications are Down

The inner spirit does not need to evolve; it is the soul-mind that does. The spirit's role is to descend into matter and animate it. It is powerless in the physical body until your mind and body are ready to allow it to manifest itself. The more you strive to be your true spiritual identity while entombed in flesh, the greater your light and understanding. This is what an alchemist is. One who works on matter in order to make it more and more subtle and transmute it into gold, the symbol for perfection. During the process, watch your choices and you will become more aware of the things you do to undermine your perfection. Example: refusing to change your diet when your health demands change. Give yourself permission to be perfect, even with all of your seeming imperfections. Stop making excuses that no one is perfect living in the flesh. Not true... The life-giving spirit requires a good instrument in order to do its wonders. Don't be a prisoner of material concerns or worry about what others will think of your choices. When you do, your needless worries will weigh you down and eventually suffocate. Focus on the Light of God and your circumstances will eventually change for the good. Let the Light be your guide.

Light cannot get through in the magnificent way that it fully could unless we purify ourselves. This not only includes the body but the thoughts and feeling nature. Everybody is immersed in the divine, abundant and luminous life that surrounds him or her but the Presence is not felt because communications are down. Purify your self on every level. Several times a day think about this subject and watch your choices. If you really wish to help mankind, purify your self. Purity is the foundation of everything. If you concentrate and live in this manner, good things will fall into place, at least for you personally. The opaque layers veiling the truth will be dissolved. The degree of your soul evolution is determined by the intensity of the Sacred Light and keeping it in place~

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