Friday, August 14, 2009

Animation of Spirit

To receive Divine help, we must be ready. The first thing to do is restore balance within and without. Our bodies are developed and so is the intellect. Find ways to keep them balanced and prepare for the next step. Learn ways to develop your heart and make an effort to develop a strong will, a disciplined way of life, that will work for the Good. As you spiritually mature, you are able to transform any darkness into light and harmony. Seek the Sacred Light and imagine that you are a prism. White light enters you and in turn you send it out in all directions as rays of seven glorious colors.

When you are animated by a high spiritual idea, your soul leaves the body at night and rises toward the Light, steeps itself in the Light of the Creator, contemplates the Immensity, travels through space and communes with heavenly entities. Even if you are not aware of this, you are receiving indelible imprints. As you awaken more fully to your real spirit identity, sudden flashes of perception and manifestation of sublime truths stored in the subconscious will be revealed~

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