Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obtaining Light

To obtain Light daily practice spiritual exercises, sound nutrition, meditation and prayer. The more you do this with pure intent, love and trust the more likely the Light will reveal reality to you. If you are concerned about protecting your self from different forms of negativity, light your inner lamp. Not only must you learn to work with Light, you will need to project the Light. Light is the only power that will effectively combat all forms of suffering, weakness and illness. Send up flares and the angels and exalted beings will find you. I am on a boiled water fast. During this fast, nonstop visions are my experience. I have been observing what actually happens when we pray with a pure and loving heart. As I lift the prayer list upward, a shower of dazzling Light cascades down and into the list. Even though you may not have this display of celestial power as a personal experience, it is still happening whether you witness the sublime reality or not. If you desire to develop your spiritual faculties and inner virtues, think constantly of Sacred Light, concentrate on it and picture the universe(s) bathed in Light, which I have seen in vision. Be patient and trusting and one day you will be gifted with spiritual visions
and observe the Light behind all created things animate and inanimate.

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