Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Light is Everything!

Initiates have a luminous aura, which provides the matter for their creations similar to the spider. Then the images clothe themselves in the matter of the aura. If you have a weak aura, you have less light to work with. You have a weak aura if you indulge in depression, anger, greed, fear and all the other negative nonsense that destroys rather than builds. Learning to control the five physical senses increases the Light of the aura. For instance, I have been fasting on one apple per day and water since July 31st and feel energetic, look good and have clarity and understanding. What feeds me is the Sacred Light both within my aura and from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The first movement from the Creator was spirit, word, that was set in motion. It changes into Light. It would behoove you to build your own aura as a true magic circle of light. Create it by selfless love and purity. Trees, plants, animals and men were all at one time subtle images floating in God's aura. We are all immersed in the Creator's aura; It permeates and pervades every particle and fiber of our being.

Sacred Light is matter in its subtlest, most tenuous/flimsy form. We call it condensed, concentrated Light. The purest of all foods is light. The soul hungers and the spirit thirsts. Remember, the Light is your most powerful form of protection as well. If you don't work with Light, if you do not understand what Light is, it means that you don't understand the first thing about life itself. Light is everything! Finally other souls are talking about this subject that I have been hammering away on for over twenty years. Love Light, concentrate on Light, for Light is a symbol of God. It is in the Light that the most luminous ideas and thoughts can be found. Establish a bond with Light. True wealth is only found in Sacred Light. Fill your mind, soul, heart and spirit with the radiant Light~

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