Monday, August 10, 2009

Understanding Sacred Light

The secret of Sacred Light is the most important aspect of creation that we need to know to gain understanding of why we are here. This is what we will concentrate on. The Light (truth) is now winning the battle over the dark (ignorance) and it will continue to manifest in greater strength until the cycle we are in has been completed successfully. Right now the Light is shaking the foundation of all that is not for the highest purpose of humanity. What has been hidden is gradually being revealed. Truth is coming out. We have all traveled a long way to get to this point in our evolution and the final efforts that people like my readers make are more than worth our total dedication to achieving it. We have gained from experiencing duality for so long and what we have learned will help us serve others who are still bound by the lower vibrations. You see, Divine Light does not flow through the five senses. More and more of us have gained the ability to inspire and lift others. Our light will open other hearts and minds to the reality of their inner selves, the true spiritual identity of who they are. Once the spiritual senses are awakened, everything will be understood.

Light is the Word uttered by the Creator, and by means of this Light, the universes were created. The physical world as we know it is simply the condensation of that primordial Light. God, the active Principle, emitted Light and used the raw material to create the universe. The two principles, masculine and feminine are at the origin of the created universe. The Creator drew from within what It Is, the masculine principle, and then projected outwards the feminine principle. Spiritual Light is very subtle and the intensity is much different from matter. Creating out of nothing means drawing the raw materials of creation from within...similar to a spider. The first sun created was the Primordial Light, just like your subtle bodies were originally primordial light. The Creators sent out images of crystallized light, God's aura. The Circle of Light is God's aura...

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