Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Time for Bravery

Many of us are confronted with horrendous challenges. This is only the beginning. Our challenges come in many forms and sometimes we experience multiple horrors simultaneously. I have decided to make a few comments regarding how essential it is that we remain determined to be brave regardless of what uncertainty and loss influencing our lives. It is vital that we do not allow the negative accumulation of fear to discolor our outlook. If we do, we succumb to the darkness all around us. I have shared much with you on the subject of the Sacred Light. This is the time to remember and call on the Light. Many of us must adapt to a new way of thinking and living. Acceptance is required of us. At the same time great changes are happening in our earth life, changes are also occurring in our spiritual understanding. All the years we have prepared our consciousness to receive the Light will keep us sane, confident and secure in its embrace as suffering continues on planet earth. Yes, a higher life exists in the finer vibratory worlds of Sacred Light. We have the opportunity now to practice what we have held dear and bring that amazing power into our earth experience and dispel the darkness.

When we understand Sacred Light, we gain knowledge of a higher energy that dispels fear regardless of its manifestation. Fear is a weapon being used now by the darkest forces to cause us to become ignorant pawns. We must be diligent and divorce our consciousness from fear by delving deep within and discovering as well as living the great dormant Powers which are latent there. Regardless of the disorder around us, we can break away from bondage by enlightening ourselves and being an example of our inner understanding. Study fear for what it is. Study it coldly without emotion and observe how it destroys. This has to do with a state of mind...being who we really are.

Fear is usually an accumulation of karma, environment and our present outlook. Change can be frightening unless we stay anchored in the Sacred Light of God. Keep diligent regarding your state of mind and how you are reacting to the different losses that are drastically changing what may be considered normalcy. We can transmute fear through our love for Truth, the Divine, and being determined to remain free from fear. Be brave and you will know your own strength and many of the mysteries of life. It is a requirement to move up the ladder of Evolution. Mastery can be ours if we make a concerted effort to succeed and be who we really are. Look at the tests of today and in the future as a means for us to gain victory of self through experience. Be wise and be free of dark influences...

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