Friday, August 21, 2009

See Wholeness in Place of Good or Bad Fortune

When bad fortune feels so troublesome that you can't get unstuck, see good fortune leaning on it. In the 58Th Verse of the Tao, this state of mind is suggested. With wholeness as a backdrop, rely on your knowledge of day following night at these times. Keep in mind that when you've reached the bottom floor, the only direction you can go is upwards. It would be fantastic if we could sustain a state of mind where we can live untroubled by good or bad fortune and just simply BE. People fear what they don't understand. Something cannot be understood unless the consciousness is developed to the point where it can not only understand it, but accept and live it.

During the coming changes, bravery is doubly essential. It is one of the most important virtues required of us as we try to take on the ladder of soul evolution and with great effort seek to be a true Cosmic Being. We cannot step higher on the ladder until we have overcome our personal and petty fears. Knowledge of the right kind will dispel fear. We do live in times of turmoil. It would be much easier if there was one country on Earth which strictly adhered to the teachings of either Jesus, Buddha, Shri Krishna or any of the other true Cosmic teachings which have been offered to a suffering humanity. Weapons, wars and angry words are created by fearful people. In order to protect yourself with true power find time to meditate. Enlightenment opens the heart and mind to the oneness of all life and fear no longer is an issue if you stay with this discipline.

Fear is a weapon now being used by the darkest forces to cause you to become frightened and weak, uncertain and a pawn. It is a powerful weapon and that is why I stress the important of actually using the Sacred Light whether you can see it or not. It is here in our midst. When you are fearless, the dark ignorance cannot impress you. The antidote to fear is to delve deep within yourself and discover the dormant Powers which are latent there. Fear is a state of mind that man has created. Anything we create, we can uncreate. Fear, bad fortune, lack and limitation can be transmuted if you are strong and remain steadfast. A fearful state of mind is actually a result of past Karma, environment and present outlook. Change them. You have the inner power to do so. When you meditate and experience the Sacred Light know that it is not meant as comfort only. It is to be scientifically used to change all that is nonproductive in your consciousness and life.

Relax this weekend. Love who you are and the infinite possibilities available to you.

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